One half-hidden feature offered by feedburner is FeedBurner Network.

The basic idea is to group together the content produced by different bloggers from the same niche in one big network feed, to make it easier for users to get that sort of content … and to make it easier for feedburner to sell targeted ads.

What you get by joining a Feedburner Network


People do subscibe to networks, because they find a lot of intresting content in one single feed.
You get new readers for free, and they are valuable readers because you can reach people outside of your “blogging neightborhood”, thus increasing the visibility of your blog beyond the mere number of readers.

FAN invitation

If you’ve not received yet a FAN (Feedburner Ad Network) invitation, maybe because you don’t have met the required number of readers or traffic, joining a network will give you one… basically because Feedburner uses networks to sell ads… so you get an alternative resourece to make some money from your feed.

Create your own Networks

By joining one network, you’ll be able to create your own networks, this means you’ll choose which bloggers you want to invite to your networks and gives you the opportunity to create strong vertical communities, great for publishers, users and advertisers.

How To Find and Join a Feedburner Network


To find the right network for you, you can browse all the fedburner networks or have a look at the network I recently joined: Technozone … or you can consider Blog 101, a blogging tips network I plan to roll out after the summer break.


Once you’ve found the right network, you’ve to contact the network coordinator, asking for an invitation. If he think your blog deserves to be included, he’ll send you an invitation.
If you want to pre-apply for Blog 101 just shoot me an email or leave a comment.

francesco mapelli