Wow, I’ve been unbanned from Digg.

Since I was banned with my very First Post on this blog (a good start, don’t you think?) I’m pretty happy :)

It seems that a lot of domains were unbanned, starting from John Chow (here’s a new link for your technorati ranking, John!) were I read the good news. Here’s a partial list of the unbanned domains.

I never thought I would have said this but… well done, digg!

(hey guys, is “I never thought I would have said” ok in english? I still have some problems with this future-perfect tenses…)

Update: The sad truth about the unbanning of all this domain is that they’ve been moved in a “untrusted domain” list, and digg auto-buries stories from this domains unless those stories are heavily dugg in the first few hours. Read Digg Automatically Buries Stories from Recently Unbanned Domains.

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