I’m happy with two things google did in the past few weeks:

1. Full Links List

Google Webmaster Tools now offers the list of your inbound links, i.e. the pages that are linking to you from all the net.

Since the google link: operator is a joke (it shows a very small sample of the links to the given page), this is the main alternative to Yahoo link: operator (or yahoo SiteExplorer).

Actually, this is better than yahoo site explorer for analyzing your site, as it’s more usable and offers some more detailed informations. Pity you can’t look at the inbound links of a site you’ve not verified (i.e. you can’t spy your competitors ;)).

Here’s the official announcement.

2. Reporting Feed Subscribers

So this weekend you’ve had a 40% readers increase on your feedburner feed?

It’s not your fault :)

It’s just that finally google decided to report the number of Google Reader subscribers to feedburner. And I think this is going to help feedburner to spread a lot. :)

(Btw, you’re subscribed to my full rss feed aren’t you?)

Here’s the announcement.

francesco mapelli