Some weeks ago we talked about tracking feed subscription with Google Analytics.
Wouldn’t it be nice to view every single mouse gesture of your visitors? Here’s the tool you need.

Clicktale has been opened to public on Monday, and looks very promising to me, as it offers a lot of unusual feature for a web analytics tool


Probably the most impressive feature is the recording of each movement the user made on your page. Each mouse gesture, page scroll, click and input is recorded and can be reviewed as a video.

here’s a quick example from one of my visitors

Impressive, isn’t it? The video was scaled down for youtube and the speed is 2x the real speed, but clicktale allows you to see movies in full size and normal speed.

Attention and Visitors Heatmaps

Heatmaps measuring the attention time and the number of visits received by a section of the page are provided

Clicktale heatmaps sample

Click Metrics

Each heatmaps can include different click metrics, including

  • click count
  • hover count
  • hover time
  • hesitation (how much time passed between hover and click)
  • average hoover order (order the link was hovered by the visitor)
  • etc.

User Segmentation

There is a promising beta feature that that uses the data collected to perform user segmentation, allowing you to see visitors with given behaviors, like

  • lots of clicks
  • lots of mouse gestures
  • percent scrolled

or using traditional informations (O.S., browser etc.).

Sounds Great. Is this Free Stuff?

It depends.
The free subscription to clicktale analytics allows you to track up to 100 visits / week for free, if you want more, you have to pay.
100 recording / weeks are not that much, but it’s enought to have a look at how your site is used and how powerful can be ClickTale.
Subscription plans are not cheap, in my opinion:

  • $19 / month (100 recordings / day)
  • $49 / month (400 / day)
  • $99 / month (1000 / day)

I’m happy with the free package ;)


This metrics, the heatmaps and the videos provided by clicktale can add a real value to your analytics tools, offering a new way of looking at your website and a lots of hints about usability, driving attention and in-page optimization.

Adding tools like Clicktale to your “analytics kit” can help you to better undestand how users interact with your site and what section and aspects can be optimized.

The free version can give just a hint of how your website is accessed, but I think it can be really useful for usability and user behavior analysis.

I’m trying to get the most out of this tool, and I believe it can really help me to understand how my sites are used and what catches the user attention and why.

Being new at this type of analysis, I’m still trying to understand what are the main aspect I should consider… If you tried clicktale, or you’re gonna to try it, I’ll be happy to know what your experience is and what metrics you think we should look at…

Let me know in the comments how you think we can get the most out of Clicktale!

francesco mapelli