Best Stuff

Here are some of the best posts, tools and plugins I wrote:

note: all this is dated before the Dark Age (so pre 2008), so it may be a bit old. To know why see the About Page


Supplemental Index Ratio Calculator

Calcutlate your Supplemental Index Ratio!

Blog Posts

Google Search Tips (Ultimate Google Guide)

A complete reference to google search operators. This article made frontpage on Delicious and Reddit, and has been linked by lots of resources.

How To Use Google Analytics to Track Feed Subscriptions

Goals in google analytics can be set to track feed subscriptions and discover what content make your visitors subscribe to your feed

Post Excerpts on the Homepage

Post excerpts help first time visitors, and for your subscribers it does not matter if you use them, as they will access your content through their feed reader. So why not use them?

Digg Automatically Buries Stories from Recently Unbanned Domains

I was the first one to report this.. then the news has been reported by some A-List bloggers and suddently it became true :)

The Apple Strategy in One Single Word

Apple is different!

About Perpetual Beta (and LEGO)

some thoughts on perpetual beta



This plugin shows the number of subscriber to your feedburner feed as text, allowing complete customization with css. Get rid of that ugly feedburner chicklet! (You can see this plugin at work in my sidebar)

Category Cloud

This plugin creates a colored tag cloud from your categories (you can see it in my sidebar)


A Firefox plugin that displays useful informations from the main “social” sites (digg, technorati, delicious) on top of each reddit story.

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