Googe is your mail, your office suite, your search engine … your feed reader, your income, your photo organizer … your compass …your instant messenger … and recent news confirms things are going to get worse.

(oh, here’s the daily adsense banner, sorry for that)

Wow. And I thought google was a search engine!

They’re actually an advertising company, and they use the “I’m a search engine” thing just to have traffic and sell ads.

It’s just like any other website…they want more traffic to have more conversions. Actually you can even say it’s like one of those splogs full of ads that gather posts around the net … it’s just … ehm… bigger.

Oh, you can do some search, it’s full of advanced operators (but you can’t use that too much) and hidden tips, and you really find what you need.
But you’ve to keep in mind, when you click the “search” button, when you read your mail, or whan you find the nearest pizza, that they give you all this stuff for free because they’re selling your attention the the advertisers.

They are pushing services in every aspect of your life to have more and more places where to put ads. Nothing wrong with that, if you know it. But it makes me a little nervous. It’s the same for you, isn’t it?

francesco mapelli