I’m making Blogging Mistakes every single day. But the biggest one is really a HUGE one.

I did it for 25 years.

The biggest Blogging Mistake I did was not blogging.

I started my serious blogging experience less than one year ago, and I continuously discover things I’d like to investigate.

And every day I tell myself

If only I started blogging when I was at the college / younger / a blue-haired punk…

(I really was ;) )

There’s nothing you can do about it… Once you’re a blogger, the thing you’ll regret most is not to have started before.

Lots of people keep on saying things like

  • Everybody has a blog, today
  • There are too many blogs
  • You will be just one in a million
  • You’ll never be noticed

I agree that lots of people have a blog today.
But more and more people will have a blog tomorrow
Do you really think it will be easier to start blogging in the future?

The sooner you start your blog, the sooner you’ll be a good blogger.

You can’t avoid this, it takes time to be a good blogger… (and I’m far for being one ;) )

  • you have to do mistakes (nobody never stops doing that!),
  • you have to take your time to understanding how it works
  • you’ll need time to build relationships
  • you need to read other blogs
  • you have to learn how to use all the social tools out there
  • and much more.

And the sooner you start, the happier you’ll be.

If you still haven’t started your own blog, do it now, because the right time to start blogging was ten minutes ago.

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francesco mapelli