There’s a single word that summarize the recent apple strategy.
And the word is Absence.

  • iMac
    • no printer port
    • no floppy disk (in 1998!)
  • iPod Shuffle
    • No screen.
  • Mac Mini
    • No monitor
    • No keybord
    • No mouse
  • iPhone
    • No keyboard
    • No stylus

Do you notice something?

Apple removes things.
And give to the user what he needs, with simplicity embedded.

Other companies are always trying to add new features to their products

Our new mouse has 5 full-customizable buttons and 3 weels!

they add tons of useless features, but nobody thinks to remove the old (s)crap!

Do you realize that Microsoft “A Breakthrough Computing Experience” Vista comes with MS Paint installed? The same MS paint you used with Windows 3.1!
That’s ages ago!
They add, add, add and what you get is a stupid 7gb OS with MS Paint! And I don’t want to think about the code inside their DLLs…

In HW and SW markets things change really fast… devices and patterns move at such an hight rate that well established standard become old in few years… Companies should learn that what was good 6 months ago now it’s useless and can be removed to expand and explore new stuff.

So, the next time you’re doing Product Development and brainstorming about your new product or your new sw release, don’t ask “What can we add to make our product better” as the first question, try something like

What can be removed from our product to make it better?

francesco mapelli