Taking fast decisions is crucial in product development, strategy planning and everyday life.

There are cases in which you have a couple of possible valid solutions, and you can feel that one is slightly better than the other, but you can’t figure out which one it is.

8ballIn that cases, taking a decision (and it doesn’t matter which one) it’s the right decision: if both the solutions are ok, it doesn’t matter which decision you take, it’s more important taking a fast decision and acting fast than wasting time to deeply analyze all the possibilities you have hoping to find the very best one.

This is the reason why I have on my desk at funambol a magic 8-ball. It’s often used by colleagues for asking important questions like “Will That Girl Notice Me?“, “Do I Have To Eat Pizza Today?“, “Will I Win The Next Foosball Match?” (yes, we do have a foosball table in our office, and we’re pretty competitive) but it’s there also to remember me to take fast decisions.

francesco mapelli