SocialMonkey is a Firefox plugin that displays useful informations from the main “social” sites on top of each reddit story.

SocialMonkey 1.0 Features

For each story on reddit shows

  • Number of diggs the story has received
  • Number of people that bookmarked it on
  • Number of links to the story according to technorati

If a story has 0 or less votes, this is showed (also for recent stories, for wich reddit does not shows the points received!)

Get SocialMonkey

GreaseMonkey script

you need to get GreaseMonkey first!

Firefox Extension

If it does not install automatically, save it on your dektop and open it from Firefox (file > open File)


SocialMonkey Screenshot

In story number one SocialMonkey has been launched, and displays the number of link, of Technorati citations and of Diggs for this story, in story number two the plugin is ready to be launched.

Feedbacks and Feature requests

Please, give me your feedbacks, and post bugs or feature requests in the comment section!

francesco mapelli