The short answer is “Probably not”…

The vast majority of the net surfers does not really need SEO, the probability are that you’re a normal blogger, with a small blog and no need to rank #1 for important keywords. (But if you’re something more that a “normal blogger” you’re welcome anyway!)
My Hamster Faceto and My new Pumas

But you’d like to have more visitors, don’t you?
And you really can… Even if you blog about your hamster or your brand new pair of shoes… Because somewhere in the world there is someone else with an hamster and a genuine love for light blue sneakers, and all you have to do is to find him/her. Or, better you have to help him/her to find you!

That’s exactly what SEO is about. There are people out there intrested in what you have to say.. let’s try to reach them!

Even a simple SEO strategy can dramatically increase the number of visitors of your website, help you to know people intrested in the same things you are and help you to gain public visibility.

If you’re a bit more ambitious you can even start to earn a little from your blog, how much it will be depends on you, but even a little personal blog can easily repay you the hosting. (This way you can have your own

Add that SEO is a really intresting and fascinating art, and the first steps are easy and can give you back big benefits… it’s easy to understand why I recommend everybody with a website or a blog to learn some SEO basics. :)

The next post in the Seo for Dummies series will be about how does a search engine works.

francesco mapelli