commentsFirst Reader Question Ever!

Few days ago, Stefano (my #1 top commentator) wrote me an email with the following questions:

  1. As a reader, do you prefer to leave positive or negative comments?
  2. As a blogger, do you prefer to receive positive or negative comments?
  3. Do you prefer having comment moderation turned on or off?

Since this are really intresting questions, I’d like to answer here.

1. I like to leave constructive comments

That means that if I 100% agree with a post I read, odds are I won’t comment (unless there’s a strong debate going on). Odds are also that I’ll keep an eye on that blog, and eventally subscribe to it, because it deserves it ;)

That means also that if I 100% disagree with a post, I won’t waste my time trying to convince the author of something so far from his position.

Apart from that not so frequent cases,I love to leave comments when I have something to add to the conversation… a slightly different point of view, an addition aspect to think about, a personal experience to report.

2. I love every single comment

Obviously my ego is happy when I read comments like the ones I received for my category cloud plugin:

You are what pi is to maths.

But constructive comments are what I appreciate most as they are the ones that really add value to this blog, the ones that create knowledge and share informations.

What can sound strange is that I like also the trollish comments, because they can help me to improve this blog:
The first comment on this blog was

Please post more ads.
Comment by Stupid — November 22, 2006 @ 11:07 pm

It was definitly a trollish comment, I could have removed it, and forget about it.
But I decided to keep it visible, and I thought about it.
And I removed a lot of ads.

Criticism is a blessing, even if given in a rude way.

3. I hate moderation and approvation queue

Moderation and Approvation queue are evil.
Comments generate comments, and you need the conversation to keep on going even of you’re sleeping or far from the computer: the first comment is always the hardest, and having an approvation queue means that all of your readers feel like they are the first.

Imagine being in the middle of a social storm (e.g. digg/reddit/ frontpage) without being at the pc. Dozen of comments in your comment queue, no comments displayed on your site. Does it makes sense? (Is not so easy this days to be in the middle of a social storm, but since it happened me once with my google guide, I’ll keep on thinking it can happen again)

Your turn now!

Now it’s your turn, I’d like to know what are your answers to this questions.

Do you like to leave comments when you do not agree with what the author states? Do you like to receive criticisms? Do you love moderation? Do you want me to post more ads? ;)

francesco mapelli