While I was in L.A., Google published the new pagerank scores. I know that pagerank can’t be trusted, but I’m happy to see that www.mapelli.info has now PR 4 :) .
Here are the current PR values for some relevant articles on www.mapelli.info, just in case you have missed them.

  • my Google Search Guide went from PR 5 to PR 4… This can be due to the fact that the blog posts linking to my google guide are now in the deep in the archives insetad of being on the frontpage, so I receive less PageRank now.
  • The Blogging Mistake I did for 25 years, the article I submitted to the Blogging Mistake Project, received a good number of backlinks from relevant pages, – it couldn’t be otherwise- so has reached PR 4.
  • My article about using post excerpts on the homepage has a PR 3. It received some of citations, hooked Maki, and caused Chris to start a poll, so it can’t be that bad ;)
  • My Scoop on Digg auto-burying stories -unproven, but I think it’s true- didn’t receive the attention it should have, so it’s stuck at PR 3.
  • Both v 1.0 and v 1.5 of my Category Cloud plugin have PR4… I should really have just one page for the plugin, to avoid wasting pagerank .
  • Finall, my article about taking fast decisions has a huge PR 5, probably because of the attention it received at joel.reddit.com
francesco mapelli