Darren made me think in his post about Donations in blogs.

I think that asking directly for money to your readers is something you can do only if you really deserve it, if you know you’re giving a lot to your visitors and you’re taking care of them.

Otherwise I think it’s really dangerous.

Take John Chow. Seeing that “buy me a beer” request at the end of each of his posts just made me angry.

In the last months he gave me the impression he is exploiting his readers, trying to squeeze as much money as he can from them.

  • He started to sell nofollow links in comments
  • He wrote his ebook in a single day (it’s nothing more than a cut & paste form his blog) just for getting more affiliate conversions
  • Now he’s asking directly for money.

Well, I don’t like it. I feel like he’s just using me and his readers.

If it was someone else to use that plugin, someone who gave my the impression he was blogging for the readers and not only for money, I would have had nothing to complain about… but this way it’s just too much.

Just to make it clear: I love that plugin. It’s cool and polite. You can donwload it from the official buy me a beer plugin page, but please, use it in the right way :)

What do you think?
Do you think that overmonetizazion is dangerous?
Do you ever think that a blog you’re visiting is written for money and nothing else? How do you feel about it?

francesco mapelli