What’s happening to the www?

When I see articles saying that google is funding terrorism just because terrorists are using adsense on their sites, well, that’s sensationalism, nothing else.

I don’t want articles like this to be the future of the www. It would be sad. But looking at sites like Digg I find that this sensationlists articles are the articles that reach the front page.

The sad thing is that people like this articles. They click it, they talk about it, and they seems somehow to believe this things. They read the headline, they read the article without attention, and a few days ago they remember something vague about google funding terrorism. But the article has been read and people talked about it… so more bloggers will try to find a similar sensational story, and slowly the articles around the net will drop in quality.

We, as bloggers, have the responsability of what the blogosphere is.

I think we should not tolerate this sort of articles. It’s obvious that evil people can use adsense to get money. Guess what, terrorists also use telephones… are all the telcos accessories to terrorism?

Google pays adsense publishers for a service, and they do not know who they’re giving their money to… and thank to this millions of honest bloggers are earning from their sites.

So, what do we want, really? Do we need Google to verify every single adsense subscriber? Do we really fear terrorism that much – so much to stop using our brain when thinking about their funding? Do we really want to play their game?

francesco mapelli