money iconRecently, I subscribed to ReviewMe (aff)… it seems to be a nice way to make money blogging.

How ReviewMe works

  1. You submit your blog
  2. You wait for someone who wants you to review his product / website / whatever
  3. You write a blog post about the product, telling what you think about it (it can be “this is really cool” or “this really sucks”, it does not have to be a positive review!)
  4. You receive your money
  5. Repeat from point 2

Basically, you get paid for doing what you do for free. It’s like magic, isn’t it?

Review Requirements

Your post should be at least 200 words long. Apart from that, you’r totally free:

  • You don’t have to be positive
  • You don’t have to accept all the review requests
  • You can write in your blog main language (if you blog is in italian, you can write in italian)

I like that you can say “I don’t like this product” and “no thanks, I won’t review your stuff” whenever you want: this means you are totally free of express yourself.


The price an advertiser pays for the review goes from $30 to $500 (half to you and half to ReviewMe) and is based on few factors:

  • Your blog topic
  • Your technorati rating
  • Your Alexa rating
  • Your feed subscribers

This means that you can earn from $15 to $250 from a single post. has a review price of $60, this means that I can earn 30$ for each review…. It’s not bad, since my blog is still a small one, but I can do better (I think I can reach a better technorati rating with few more links, and I’d like to grow my rss feed subscribers base…)

The problem if you have a small site is that you simply don’t have enough visibility, and I don’t think that you’ll receive a lot of requests… but still, if someone wants you to blog about something, and wants to pay for it, why should you make him sad?

What do you think? Can this be a nice way to make money blogging? Are you subscribed to ReviewMe? Are you going to try it?

francesco mapelli