A while ago I started a couple of experiments to understand the power of the digg community. After some minor testing, now I think I have to do a serious experiment.

So I completely cleaned this domain (www.mapelli.info) that was unused (traffic was almost null), I changed hosting service switching from windows to linux, installed WordPress from scratch and started this blog with a single post.

this post.

This post is my Digg Experiment (Part III).

And you are part of it.

The question this experiment is trying to answer is: how much traffic can an entire site receive from a single Digg submission? A single article, and nothing else?

Once this article has been posted to digg I will not promote this new site anywhere for 72 hours. Nobody knows this site.
What will digg give back to me in 72 hours?

How many people will come, read this post, comment it, digg it, spread the word to other directories etc? Will someone post it on reddit? will someone bookmark this article in del.icious for future reference? How many adsense clicks will be done? How many comments will I receive? Every single click will be tracked, and statistics will be given back to you in a week.

And what about crashing the server??

The server this site is running on is a shared server, I have no guarantee bandwidth, and it’s a very very cheap hosting… this means the server is always ready to crash…. Let’s do it! If this article reach something like the second or third page on digg.com well… nothing will keep it up ;) … sooo…. digg this article and help me crash this server!
Now, Do it! Use this post as you like: comment it, digg it (or bury it if you prefer), subscribe to my rss feed, write me an email (look for my address in my about page) or just keep on reading a small resume of my previous Digg experiments, if you are intrested.

My Little Digg Experiment Part I

My Little Digg Experiment Part I was just a linkjack post on my personal blog about the recent release of a gmail client for mobile device. I posted it on Digg and received a nice boost on my visit count (that single poste received 68 page-views in 24 hours). But just 2 digg. Counting my own. You can read it, but is really useless.

My Little Digg Experiment Part II

My Little Digg Experiment Part II was something real. It was a not-so-useless report of the result of My Little Digg Experiment Part I.
I posted My Little Digg Experiment Part II on Digg, and here are the results after 24 hours:

  • 47 page views

30 Known referrers coming from digg:

  • 1 http://www.digg.com/view/all/upcoming/page1
  • 4 http://digg.com/view/all/upcoming
  • 1 http://digg.com/view/all/upcoming/page2
  • 3 http://www.digg.com/view/technology/upcoming
  • 3 http://www.digg.com/view/all/upcoming
  • 1 http://www.digg.com/view/all/upcoming/page3
  • 6 http://digg.com/view/technology/upcoming
  • 1 http://digg.com/view/technology/upcoming/page2
  • 2 http://digg.com/tech_news/upcoming
  • 1 http://www.digg.com/view/technology/upcoming/page9
  • 1 http://digg.com/search?s=digg+experiment
  • 1 http://digg.com/search?area=dig&age=7&sort=most&s=blogger&submit=Search
  • 5 http://digg.com/tech_news/My_Little_DIGG_Experiment_Part_II

Now, this is lovely. This post received 70% of the page views of the gmail post, but 400% of the diggs! (I’m not counting my digg).
Yes, I know 4 diggs are not that much, but 4 diggs in 47 page views are pretty good :)

What does it means

This means something:

Always try to write something good. If you know a post sucks, people will know it too.

Well, it sounds stupid, but I’m tired of reading articles implicitly saying that you can give people all sort of shit as long as it comes with a good title, leverage on emotional reaction and rounded corners.

I love indeed good titles, emotions and rounded corners… but I love them if they comes with good posts, good discussions and good sites!

francesco mapelli