If you’re writing about a topic and you want to link to related articles, you should consider writing to the author of the page you’re linking at and asking him if he has preferences on the anchor text. This can give you big benefits:

  • You link out in the right way, helping the source to get better ranking for the search term he is focused on
  • Your post will be read by the source you’re linking at, and he may find it intresting and link back to you
  • You can grow your network by introducing yourself to bloggers of your niche, and they’ll be happy about that, since you’re helping them right from the beginning
  • You can start email conversations about the topic you’re writing about, and grow stronger relationships with like-minded people
  • Sources you’ve linked out this way will be inclined to do the same with you, so you’ll get targeted anchor text for your posts.
francesco mapelli