Pownce is yet another social networking stuff.
It’s famous mainly because one of the founders is Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg.

It’s key feature, compared to other services, it’s that pownce allows you to share files with your friends. It really makes it easy to share the same thing with a group of people… (’cause you can create groups). You can also share links and calendar events.

Apart from this, it offers some more standard features, like status updates, direct messaging, adding friends… (twitter anyone?)

I’m actually testing it… and I still have to understand if I like it or not… so I’ll be happy to know what you think about it.

Since it’s web 2.0 stuff, it’s in closed beta alpha, so you need an invite to join, but thanks to Ilker and my evil twin I have some invites left…

Sorry, I’ve given away all the invites I had.

francesco mapelli