Wow! I found a way to write a second post (after the one about the Apple Strategy) with the word “iPhone” in it!

Today Funambol (the company I work for) announced the availability of myFunambol, a free portal that allows users to access and synchronize contacts, calendars and emails from your mobile phones, ipod, pc and stuff.

A lot of devices are supported, and (here it comes…) iPhone is among them!

Apart from the official clients (outlook, ipod, windows mobile and java) a lot of other clients have been developed by our open source community (e.g. thunderbird, zimbra, blackberry, evolution…), so you’ll be able to sync nearly everything.

Access is by invitation only, but you can apply by pointing your browser at

But be warned, once you’re used to this stuff, you can’t live without it! It’s priceless to have mail, contacts and calendar always in sync on phone, laptop, and PDA!

francesco mapelli