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Welcome to Feed Week!

This week I’d like to talk about tips and tricks for rss feed optimization, and today I’d like to know what you think about one of the most discussed feed-related topic:

Full Feeds or Partial Feeds?

This is a never-ending debate, but I’d like to spend some words on it. Here are the main positions:

Why Full Feeds

  • Full feeds attract more readers
  • Full feeds spread your words wider
  • Full feeds make your reader feel valued
  • Full feeds are preferred by by bloggers and journalists, thay’ll likely link to your content and this can help your visits and pagerank increase

Why Partial Feeds

  • Partial feeds increase the visits to your site
  • Partial feeds protect your content by not allowing splogs to steal it
  • Feed monetization does not works, full feeds means losing money

My opinion

I generally prefer full feeds, I have an higher treshold for subscribing to partial feeds but I’ve some high-quality partial feeds in my netvibes page.

As a reader

  • I found partial feeds annoying because I have to click one more time to read the real content. (As a result, it happens I don’t do it)
  • Often, partial content feeds give me an impression of a too bold monetization
  • I somehow feel that partial feeds are a discordant note inside my feed reader

As a blogger

  • I blog because I want you to read what I write and because I want you to tell me what you think about what I write… having full feeds helps me to reach you and involve you in the discussion.
  • I don’t have big problems with “theft” of my content, so I don’t have reason to protect my content using partial feeds
  • I want to make my readers (i.e. you) happy and happy to link to my site, and I think that full feeds can help me. (If I’m wrong and you hate full feeds just let me know it!)
  • I think that full feeds are more attractive because lots of people refuse to subscribe to partial feeds
  • I don’t mind if you read my content without coming to visit www.mapelli.info: my adsense revenue won’t change that much (either it’s so hight I don’t care, or so low I don’t care. Pick one! ;) )

What do you think?

I’d like to know what you thin about this:

  • Do you prefer reading and publishing full or partial feed?
  • Do you subscribe to partial feeds?

Let me know in the comments. Oh, and subscribe to my more-than-full feed :)

francesco mapelli