I’m giving away a Free Feedburner PRO Account to the first 100 every single visitor of this blog.

What does Feedburner PRO Account offers?

1. FeedBurner Stats PRO

the real feed stats: you’ll get the number of people who have viewed or clicked your content and you’ll finally discover your reach: the real number of subscribers who interacted with your feed content (but be warned: it really disappointing… it’s a very small fraction of your subscribers!)

2. MyBrand

some DNS voodoo to maintain consistency between your feed address and your domain. I.e. your feed url will be www.yourdomain.com/feed instead of feed.feedburner.com/something .

3. PRO Badge

turning your account in a PRO Account will show a priceless PRO badge near your feed in your MyFeeds page

How To Get Your PRO Account

To get your FREE Feedburner PRO Account you have to:

  1. write an article about this (evil) linkbait contest
  2. in the article, link back to www.mapelli.info
  3. in the article, link back to this page
  4. go to your feedcount and enable the PRO features that will be automagically available

How To Get Your PRO Account (Alternative)

  • skip point 1, 2, 3 and go directly to your feedburner account and enable the PRO features, since they are free for everyone since today :) (thanks google)

What about Mom?

Just sign her up for a feedburner account. She’ll be happy to go PRO!

One more thing…

Let me know how is your reach.
In the comments.
Do it.
Mine is really really really low. Am I alone?

francesco mapelli