As I discovered today, has an AdWords Campaign promoting its rss feed.

The Ad points to Google_Italy/eurfeb07/Content/kw=RSS_Feeds_General&GCID=C19402x008-RSSGen
… but the link is broken!

Here’s a screenshot of the page (you can click for a larger view) :


Page Not Found

Unfortunately the page you have requested on does not exist.
If you have typed in this link, please recheck the URL.

You may also:

Visit our homepage

It’s nice to see how a PR 9 site is unable to promote itself… They’re spending thousands of dollars to drive traffic to a 404 not found page.

I contacted them from the form on their website, I wrote them the following email

Hi,Today I clicked an adsense ad promoting your rss feed, but I landed
on a 404 not found page.

The ad pointed to Google_Italy/eurfeb07/Content/kw=RSS_Feeds_General&GCID=C19402x008-RSSGen

maybe you should check that url, because I think you’re wasting money
this way :)


francesco mapelli

they assigned me the Case number 1406338.

Let’s see what happens next, I’ll keep you informed :) .

Do you think they’ll fix this soon or they’ll keep on wasting money for months?

francesco mapelli