Category cloud is a wordpress plugin that shows categories as a tag cloud. You can see it in the sidebar at

This is not the latest version! you may be intrested in the latest version of category cloud

Since the plugin I used before (weighted categories) does not support WordPress 2.1, I decided to develop Category Cloud on top of it and to add some useful features and a option page


  • Support for WordPress 2.1 (should work on older versions, but it’s not tested, I’ll be happy to have some feedbacks)
  • Customizable max and min font size and unit (px, pt, em)
  • Categories shown in ascending, descending or random order
  • Possibility to exclude given categories
  • Possibility to exclude categories with less than a given number of posts
  • Full integration with wordpress administration panel

Installation Instructions

  1. Get Category Cloud zip file & Unzip it
  2. Upload category-cloud.php to your wordpress plugin directory
  3. Activate the plugin from the plugins tab
  4. Insert <?php category_cloud();?> where you want your category cloud to appear
  5. Play with the options (Options ->Category Cloud in the wordpress administration) to fit your needs

Get Category Cloud

Category Cloud 1.0 Downloads: 3194 times


Category Cloud can be customized via a style sheet, adding a categories entry.
Here’s mine:

#categories {
padding: 0px;
text-align: justify;
line-height: auto;


You can add “additional” tag clouds in a page by calling the category_cloud() function with a parameter, for example

$a = "smallest=8&largest=22&mincount=3&order=ASC";

here are the valid variables and what they means:

  • smallest is the smallest font size in the resulting tag cloud
  • largest is the largest font size in the resulting tag cloud
  • unit is the unit that it’s used for the font, can be one of
    • px
    • pt
    • em
  • exclude is a list of the excluded categories IDs, something like “1, 3, 15″
  • order is the order of the tags in the resulting tag cloud, can be one of
    • ASC
    • DESC
    • random
  • mincount is the minimum number of posts a category must have to appear in the resulting tag cloud

Comments and Feedback

I love them, so please don’t be shy and write something down here! :)

francesco mapelli