Disclaimer: what I write in this blog is my personal opinion only and although I am an employee of Funambol, the statements I make here in no way represent Funambol’s position.

About this site

This blog started in 2006 as a blog about blogging tips and internet related social trends. Things went well and the blog had a few big bumps on stubmleupon, reddit, delicious etc.
Then in late 2007 came the Darke Age, and I stopped blogging.

In mid 2010 my job position changed to Community Manager (always in Funambol) for about one year, then I went back to development, first server side and now on Android.

The topic of the blog will probably be slightly different, as will be related to what I learn and think every day.

The result of this is there are two souls in this blog: one is made of the blog posts written between in 2006 and 2007, where the focus was mainly blogging tips, SEO and social trends, and one more related to my actual work.

Hope you find both interesting :)

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About me!

francesco mapelli

Francesco Mapelli

My name is Francesco Mapelli, I’31,  I’m Italian (that’s why I spell things weird),  and I’m a Software Engineer (that’s why I think weird). Currently I’m working at Funambol as Android developer.

I am also involved in the Consiglio Direttivo (a sort of board of directors) at Circolo Arci Radio Aut, a non-profit cultural private club.

All this takes place in Pavia, a small city near Milan.

You can contact me by writing at /francesco/at/mapelli/dot/info/

francesco mapelli