Well… that’s not so technology-related, but I think someone can find this useful.

There are hidden tricks for making a good espresso, and since noone is commenting my tech-related posts, maybe you’ll like better something not so technical. ;)

  1. Use the right moka.
    If you are Italian, you can find it in your kitchen, If you are in the U.S. or somewhere else you can buy a Bialetti (the cheap one, not Mukka Express!) on Ebay.
  2. Use your moka & never use dish soap
    The more you use your moka, the better your espresso will taste.
    When you buy a new moka, you should do five or six coffee without actually drinking them: they’ll taste awful.
    You can wash the moka with hot water, but never use dish soap, and do not put it in the dishwasher!
  3. Use the right coffee
    that’s easy: find an expensive one. I use illy, and I think avilable also outside Italy.
  4. Keep the coffee powder in the refrigerator
    yes, it sounds strange, but belive me: this will help the coffee it not to lose the aroma
  5. Cocoa
    Put a small spoon of cocoa in the moka with the coffee, you’ll love it!
  6. Salt
    Put a grain of salt in the water when you make the coffee if you have hard water.
  7. Keep the fire low
    You’ll have to wait a bit longer, but this way the water will traverse the coffee at lower speed granting a better taste
  8. Keep the moka open
    Do not close the top of your moka when you’re making coffee. This way the steam will not condensate and the coffee will not be watered. Threre are little caps you can be put inside the moka to avoid the spitting of hot coffee.
  9. Super Secret Cream ©
    Take the first spoon or two of coffee as soon as it cames out of the moka, and mix fast. You should get a smooth sugar cream, that can be used instead of the sugar and will give your coffee a lovely creamy effect
  10. Serve in hot cups
    If you put your coffee cups (use the small Italian ones, not the ones for American Coffee!) into boiling water and dry them before serving the coffee you can keep the coffee hot longer

That’s it… give me notices of your coffees, or feedbacks ;)

francesco mapelli